Everything on the front end is built with a mix of HTML, CSS, and client-side scripts like JavaScript—the core elements of front-end development. Front-end web developer’s services include Tailoring user experience. Bringing a designer’s concept to life with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

User Interface & User Experience Designer: Responsible for the visual interface, the look/feel of a design using designing tools & elements including typography and colors, as well as developing the user experience features in the back office which include coding, prototypes, mood boards, wireframes, storyboarding, demos, researching and monitoring user testing.


Salwakisswani Media offers various media packages including Website and IOS/Android Applications designing. Content Creation, Advertisements, Animations, User Interface Engineering and User Experience design.

With six years plus, experience as a UI/UX designer, a Front-End Web Developer and a
Digital Media & Design bachelor’s degree holder;

Salwa Kisswani is also a Travel Lifestyle Blogger and Brand Ambassador based in the Big Apple. She shares her travel experiences in various cities around the world through publishing stories on her self-titled blog, with a strong emphasis on photos and videos.

As a filmmaker and Digital Influencer, with 45K+ followers combined on social media. She worked with many brands and companies such as Bestbuy, P&O Princess Cruises, and Zazzle.

As a Brand Ambassador for the past four years, she collaborated with many brands such as; Verizon, Herbalife, Zazzle, YoDerm, Jord, Arvo, BBNYC. The Ride, Victorinox Swiss Army, Brugal, Lion Tea, BookExpo/BookCon, Amazon, Kcon, Bisnow Media, T-Mobile, Samsung, Amazon Web Services, Activate, RISE, Liberty, GUCCI, COTY, Opus Agency, Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, Reed Exhibitions and the grand opening of Vapiano in NYC.

Who is Salwa Kisswani?

Salwa Kisswani, Creator of Salwakisswani Media and a Digital Influencer based in New York City.
Also known as Salwa Saif. A Palestinian-American Travel Writer, Digital Media Artist and an entrepreneur living in New York City.
At the age of 13, Salwa was certified by the Arab Islamic Bank for her Full year of entrepreneurship training along with her high GPA. Later she was nominated for Poem of the Year 2007 – 2008 award for her Poem “The Moon”. She had also published “The Lost” in “Great Poems of the Western World”. She was later certified by The American Library of Poetry Twice in 2013.
At 16, She had joined the United Nations through an NGO called Temple of Understanding. Salwa had created different research groups to look up further in domestic violence, smoking, and bullying and in ways to prevent them in society.
She is a certified Professional Peer Mediator from her Conflict Resolution training that had provided her with the opportunity to express ideas about education and poverty globally at a United Nations conference, later she was involved with the United Federation of Teachers to spread awareness about bullying in schools. She became a mentor to two students with learning disabilities within her school.
Summer of 2012, Salwa interned at the United Nations Headquarters in NYC. Where she was researching the topic of Palestine and the UN status.
Reaching exposure to many opportunities worldwide with different NGO’s, with a very important role in the Arms Trade Treaty, after the internship she became a Young Professional with UN women.
During her undergraduates, Salwa had joined many extracurricular activities, along with being the Vice President of the International Students Club and the Secretary of the Intramural Advisory Council, she was certified for both leadership roles by The College of Staten Island.
Salwa was an active member of Amnesty International, PCRF- Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund, MGB- Muslims Giving Back, Adalah-NY and Jewish Voice for Peace. With more than 65 certificates and achievement awards.
Salwa is an entrepreneur and a world traveler; during the summer of 2015, Salwa went on a world tour starting from her hometown in Staten Island, NY to San Francisco, Japan, China, Moscow, Turkey, and Mexico. Including a trip to Palestine and Jordan.
Salwa returned to New York for her senior year towards her Bachelors of Science in Digital Media & Design and Film producing anticipated to graduate May 2016.
She earned a 180 Hours of intensive TEFL, TESOL, TOEFL IELTS TOEIC, and a 60 Hours TEYL, Teaching Business English, Teaching Hotel and Resort English certificate; where she’s anticipating to teach English abroad.
Salwa speaks four languages; including English, Arabic, French, and Spanish. She’s a Certified photographer, American Red Cross Disaster Assistant, and a CUNY Corps member for the year 2016.
Certified by The National Financial Educators Council – Financial Literacy Program 2012, and by Brooklyn Public Library for the Investing 101 for the Teen Virtual Investment Club 2013 program- Focused on Stock Market Success.
Worked with the United Nations, Temple of Understanding, UFT, Building Bridges and more. Guest speaker at different U.N. conferences and a task force member of the Season for Nonviolence Conference 2012.
Salwa completed more than 20,185 in community service & volunteering hours. Attending HBX / Harvard Business School, Pre-MBA; Business Administration and Management 2016. She is also the CEO for two brand companies Ice Caffeine and Royalist Sphere, the Co-owner of Top Tier Law Firms and a Huffington Post Travel Blogger.