The Entrepreneur Child: The Piano

“Hey social media fam, I know I haven’t been active those couple of days.. I’ve been working continuously for days now.. not in my temp corporate job (I even hardly show up lol) but on myself.
On my dreams, passion and on creating the lifestyle that fits me and my needs. Therefore, I learn!
(I know what you’re thinking, but continue reading…)
Whenever I feel that I’ve learned enough to accomplish something great, I always fall into a sink hole, where I realize that I still got a long away ahead of me. Simply saying “I’ve reached enough no need to continue” is just another way of saying “I gave up!”
So always remember to:
Set goals in life. Take the first steps towards them (work your ass off) and finally, pray!”


This method is sure no stranger to you.. but it’s been working ever since middle school or I can remember; when I wanted a piano but my parents refused to get me one because it was just too expensive. I literally dreamt of that piano for days and all I wanted from life at that time was to have it, (what a 7th grader!) I used to imagine myself practicing on it in my bedroom, where I mentally placed it to the right of my bed. Where every two days I would perform a new song to my family in gatherings and weekends.
Less than a week later, I went out and invested in buying some materials from the arts & crafts store and lots of chocolate with my lunch money.
(No, I don’t think this was another way of -eating your frustrations away- kinda of thing.. only women do that not little girls lol; as stereotypes claim)
Anyways, I got back home and I started mixing and creating my own chocolate recipes (children just know how they like their chocolate) and I made chocolate hearts lollipops and placed them in a beautifully designed valentine’s day warping. (It was a week before valentine’s day)
I started selling them to my classmates, half an hour in the business, my classmate’s ex-classmates wanted to buy some as well, and so on until everyone in school was walking around with chocolate hearts lollipops in their mouths!
A day before valentines day; I was totally sold-out to the point that my local arts & crafts store ran out-of-stock of my favorite chocolate making kit!
That piano had never met a best friend like me before,it was true love (and still is.. the piano is still within my positions, currently in my room even after all those moving and resettling I had to go through growing up!)

Whenever I’m down or feel less motivated to go after what I want, or just give in to the idea of a corporate 9-5 job; I just stare at that piano and I soak it all in until it hits me, to never give up dear entrepreneur child!

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